Do and Don’t When Shotting Fish At Agen Joker123

The Fish Shooting Game at Agen Joker123 is a very easy game to play. Where in this game there are many jackpots. The first time this fish shooting game was found in major malls in Indonesia. This game is found in many places to play such as timezone, amazon and other places.

But nowadays, shooting fish slot games are quite easy to play, not just a children’s game. But this game has turned into the most popular game in the world of gambling. This game immediately attracts the attention of online gambling players. This Fish Shoot only requires an internet connection and a smartphone or PC to play it


Guide to Playing Fish Shooting at the Trusted Agen Joker123

How to play shooting fish is very easy and fast to understand, especially for novice players. You just need to aim the shot at the fish – the fish correctly. Of course you can’t rely on luck alone, but you have to rely on the strategy. Check out the tips for playing for you below.

Don’t Just Focus On Small Fish

The game online joker123, from each bullet used to shoot has its own value. If you like shooting small fish, of course the pay you will get is not comparable to the bullets you use to shoot. The minimum price of 1 bullet in a match is 50 credits or 500. Minnows have odds 2. This means that if you kill a small fish you will get 500X2 = 1000.

Focus And Patience

For those of you who want to get big profits, surely the patience required is number one. Of course you shouldn’t be in a hurry if you want to make a profit. By playing shooting fish online you can benefit.

Recognizing the Functions of Weapons

In the Fish Shooting game judi joker123 Online, there are 3 kinds of weapons that you can use, including:

-Normal shooting speed: This weapon is usually used by bettors to target small fish, which if you target small fish the multiplication of the odds is 2 turns into 6.
-Accelerate shooting speed: This weapon has a very fast speed in shooting fish. Of course, this weapon is used to shoot big fish at the jackpot in the form of gold, and it can also be used for small fish
-Aim For The Target: This weapon is a weapon that has the advantage of locking the fish that you have caught when the fish appears.

Recognizing When to Stop Playing

When playing fish shooting gambling you have to know when you have to stop playing fish shooting gambling. If you have worked hard to achieve victory, but you have not yet found it. So it is recommended to stop so you can relax and refresh your mind for the next game. That way your chances of winning are greater.

Do not be greedy

Do not stay away from this, because it can make you get a loss. You have to pay attention to the value of your used bullets, don’t let only 1 fish target you want, you run out of bullets joker123 online.

so the conclusion is that you have to master the fish shooting game, master the game conditions, guaranteed a fish shooting game bettor must have mastered the game 70%.
Enough of my article discussion, I hope my discussion can be useful for those of you who want to play Fish Shooting If anyone wants to ask, please contact the whatsapp number below. See you in my next article. Thank you

Avoid This When Playing Joker123 Fish Shoot

Playing shooting fish is currently being discussed because it is easy to play even for beginners. We only need to shoot the fish in the pond and get a credit reward if the fish is defeated. Although this game is very easy to play, there are certainly some bettors who experience defeat.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss what things should be avoided when playing shooting fish joker123 slot. Most bettors are certainly not aware because of the fun of playing, but before going too far or before you lose because you ignore it, read this review.

Avoid This When Playing Joker123 Fish Shoot
In playing fish shooting from joker123, we will be given a canon or a shot to beat every existing game. How to play is also quite easy, we just need to set how many credits for 1x shot and play by directing the canon and then shooting the fish.


Here are things to avoid when playing joker123 fish shooting:

Throwing Bullets

Although it is quite easy to play situs joker123 online, you have to be more careful when shooting. Don’t let the bullets you spend go to waste, because these bullets are your game credits. Count the number of bullets you have before shooting, count the bullets just in case the fish don’t die. By preparing spare bullets, the fish that were about to pass by will certainly be defeated. Imagine if you don’t have spare bullets, automatically the fish that didn’t die earlier will be defeated by someone else.

Only Aiming for Small Fish

Small fish is meant fish with small point value. Shooting fish with small points is very easy. Just 1 or 2 shots you can beat him. But make no mistake, this little fish when compared to a 1x shot bullet credit is much different. Existing credit will slowly be drained because it is not comparable, the stake is bigger than the pole. Try to vary in shooting the fish in the game pool.


This is the worst, most of the fish shooting players will be more greedy. Using a large number of credits as bullets in the hope of getting an abundant jackpot in slot joker123. The method is actually right, but the practice is wrong. Don’t keep using big credits to shoot, vary with small credits. Pay attention if the fish is about to die, hurry up to increase the bullet credit. This tactic is really necessary, to reduce the rate of defeat when playing shooting fish.

Most bettors who run out of credit when shooting fish alone will get hurt. Why? Obviously, it is the other players who will do the finishing of the fish. You are the one who worked hard, they got the results.

Shooting Fish Alone

The next mistake is playing alone or shooting fish alone. There’s nothing wrong with shooting fish individually, that’s the player’s right. But shooting rare fish alone will take more time and bullet credits. Don’t let the credits used run out before the fish are defeated. Usually the players situs joker123 will use a more effective way to beat rare fish, namely robbing. Gangbang is more fun when fighting over fish prizes that are already about to lose. In addition, the time and credit used are also more efficient.

Those are things that must be considered by online fish shooting players at agen slot joker123. Avoid this to maximize the game in order to get a lot of profits. That’s it for this article, hopefully it’s useful. – lifeonthelinemovement